its tied down on the trailer so its not at height in the pic, no self leveling but it does have some h&r springs, i think the rears are installed but the fronts are in a box in the large pile of stuff that came with it, not sure what ratio is currently in it likely 4.10, i have a 3.91ls from the 535ia donor and a buddy while on vacation stumbled across a goldmine of e34s in a salvage yard in utah and scored me the sex change parts i needed (trans/shifter pedal box DS and a 3.46ls) as i wasn't wild about doing a m30 swap and having a EH slushbox to get working only to eventually yank and install a 5 speed, i was planning on seeing whats up with the 4l30e (thats what gm calls it) and if repairable without removing it (maybe a loose band or solenoid issue, s'posed ta be a rebuilt tranny that sounds like it might be going into limp when it shifts into OD by the description) run it as a 525 till the goodies are gathered to do a 535 right, but now that i have all but the cam and headers i want within my grasp screw the m50/4l30e, the engine runs fine but with 330k miles on the clock (a few rock chips and sagging headliner are only imperfections on whole car, even the door panels are nice) they are scrap/spare parts to be sold in parts and or with a disclaimer.
planning a top end rebuild with a cam and am pursuing a set of stainless headers, ifi can cut a decent blade from brass plate ill bore out a throttle body and build a knock off of millers "powerfold" bulged plenum m30 intake, the dyno numbers if accurate look intriguing, for management if anybody saw my m6 build on big coupe or mye28 that frankentronic system i built the run the high compression m88/3 will eventually make it onto the m30b35 in what for the moment ive named the waggone, for those (everybody i am positive) that don't know its basically a motronic 3.3.1 red label 413 and harness from a m50tu 525 that i stuck a ostrich prom emulator into and laptop tuned, the m50 harness almost perfectly draped over the m88/3, all i had to do after building a cam sensor to take the place of the distributor .......blah blah blah long story short i had a 1985 m635 big cam high compression basket of snakes headers m88/3 running fully sequential with knock sensors and a 3.5" 540 maf and coil pacs, shouldn't take much to drape that over a m30b35 and plug right into the 525 body plugs as that is where its from then re tune.
when anything amusing takes place ill post it up with pics but the build hasn't started yet and the car is still strapped to the trailer in the side yard