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Thread: the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, also i own a e34 again

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Size:  27.6 KBengines in, wired up and its running, the 260/6 a buddy scored for me is ****, won't stay in 1st running on jackstands much less on the ground, bought another tranny and my hatred for fedex is renewed, was supposed to be delivered friday (wednesday now) and it keeps getting pushed back another day, tracking put it in town friday........maybe it'll show up tomorrow, and not be destroyed, but i'm not holding my breath on either count as cluster**** begets cluster****.
    the pretty 3mm schidemann stainless equal length headers actually do not fit a e34 despite the site saying lhd e34, so that was more fun cutting and welding em into something that's not hard into the floor, headers are plumbed to the cats but i haven't modified my knock off BB triflo to work yet, chinesium polished stainless, looks pretty good but only offered for 525, 540 and 750il, i got the 750 (i had a stock shortened 750il catback welded into my old 90 535, the fat pipes have a nice deep sound) and have a set of resonators from a 535 bb triflo i'm going to weld to the front of the 750 muffler pipes, that way it'll bolt up to the cat with minimal drama, before and after pics of the 456 header, had to knock 3.25" off and change directions twice, the included adapter turned backwards and shortened for the 123 header mirrored my 456, one more elbow got em both down where band clamps connect it to the cats.
    the wiring was a hoot as the chassis is a 95 but the engine came from i'm guessing a 89 so the body plug was the wrong gender, and has 1/3 less wires, not my first rodeo, i think i have all the relevant stuff locked down and working (tach did stop working so something is up i need to bug chase).
    e30 oil cooler upside down is nearly perfect, early e32 735 OF housing, ebay AN adapter kit plugged into that, shortened and swedged the AN hoses onto the e30 pipes
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