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Thread: My E36 M3 Sedan....gone

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    Default My E36 M3 Sedan....gone

    Gave a gewber I know a great deal on my e36 M3 and he seems to really be getting into it. I figure I'd get it in the hands of someone that would really appreciate it. He's a good friend and he keeps calling me about questions about it. I told him to post them here on BimmerNut, and to share his experiences with the crew. Hopefully he will start posting here and bring in some new blood. Be nice to him please, he's new to BMW, but he seems to really be digging it. The seat of pants torque in this light weight beast is enough to get anyone excited.

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    Absolutely great car but I just had too many vehicles and no place to put them. The car is better off with him right now anyway as I've just boarded up my windows to ride out Irma. Wish me luck

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    I just updated my siggy so it would be current.

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    That car looks almost identical to my 02/98 E36 M3, same color, but my M3 does not have the trunk lid spoiler installed. Have it on the shelf, looks a bit strange in my opinion in a country where I can drive max. 62 mph

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    Iím that gewber. Got it detailed to get a fresh coat of wax on it. Swapped the m3 rims back on and promptly destroyed a tire crossing train tracks. Prly bent the rim too. Since then, I have two new front tires and had to use the spare rim to the the vibration out. Today, I prly did the first thing a tuner teenager would do; I put flat black grills on with the m colored fins. Iíll post some pics. I like the look, but Iíll hold on to the originals of course. Next up will prly be pastidip for the m rims. I did my suv rims years ago, and I like the look, and the lack of needing to clean brake dust off the rims. Next few bigger projects are to swap the trunk because it has the most rust on it. Bought a nice replacement from ebay. Also, will prly swap out the front rotors and calipers with red powered coated Powerstop Extreme kit. Thanks again Bimmernut!

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    I really like classical car like this, just realize that the car looks very cool

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