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    Hi guys, im in the process of replacing my wiper linkage. I have removed all the parts and am right in front of removing and replacing the linkage.

    After removing the blower motor, I tried to remove the left and right covers. These are the covers that have the flaps. I have unclipped the drivers side flap (the one you control) from the motor and have also unclipped 2 metal clips. However, the 2 covers wont come out. I can already move them quite a bit but not enough.

    Does anyone know how to remove these 2 covers? You can see them here to the left and right of the blower motor:


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    Have you check the shop manual?
    Have only done it on an E32, but that is probably different

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    IIRC you can wangle the linkage without removing those covers. You can remove the covers though, are they not held on by 4 or so of those small and easy to lose little tin clips, right on the edges of the covers? The trouble IIRC was that I had do disconnect on one or both sides the flap control pin which was ishly hard in that tight space- and fragile/easy to damage little rods as well as the plastic flaps they drive. Those heater boxes are normally fitted (motor and all) from inside the car with the dash out- assembly is not easy with them in the car, but should be possible with the exact tools and lots of care using them, though your back may never forgive you...

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    Ok guys, solved this few weeks back. The blower motor cover is held by 4 small metal clips. 2 of them are found at the front, the other 2 are found at the left and right inner sides behind the rubber circles.

    Had to look really well.

    Be warned, dismantling and fitting everything back properly over there, requires alot of patience.

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