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Thread: Photobucket now requires $ to allow linking of images to forums

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    Default Photobucket now requires $ to allow linking of images to forums

    Big mess in all the forums, most the DIY threads are w/o pics.
    As of 2017 June 30 Photobucet now requires $399 a year to allow linking of images to 3rd parties such as a forum. This change in policy happened with no warning.
    Pricing: The cost of a PLUS account varies according to how much storage you need! Please note, all subscriptions are billed annually.
    2 GB - Free
    Ad Free (no additional storage or bandwidth) - $2.49 / Month
    50 GB - $59.99 / Year
    100 GB - $99.99 / Year
    500 GB - $399.99 / Year
    Same like with Imageshack years ago. My Imageshack pics are gone since years.
    The worst is, photobucket had a system, that one could upload pics from another site w/o downloading it first onto the own PC, so all these pics are gone then
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    I always figured this would happen if you host in other places. You either have to upload your images to the site you are posting to or just copy paste from other sites. To host them here for instance you need to upload them and then open them to copy the larger size and then post to your article. A PITA but it works.
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    Lots of sites do not have the facility to upload images so you posted links instead. They are all now dead. No warning. It's a nightmare.
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