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Thread: worlds most expensive trim? Also props to BMA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 632 Regal View Post
    Okay, I have access to an E34 with the windshield trim intact. Is it possible to remove and re-use or is it a one shot deal. Have not had a chance to look into this but it can be bought dirt cheap. I think I remember it was a one time deal on installation but as I said I have not been able to check into it.
    They may be re-used, but could break on removal. Since my insurance is paying the whole thing, no deductible, I sourced it from BMA as I was also ordering shocks/struts and mounts all around. Thanks for looking it Jeff, it s much appreciated. The link with the low priced trim is interesting, I've never seen it that cheap.

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    Been trying to find a video on removing the trim without much luck or details. I might just go to the and practice on the rear window and see if there is a technique to be learned.
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