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Thread: e34 Touring - factory Low Slung Sport springs

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    Default e34 Touring - factory Low Slung Sport springs

    Hi guys - I'm working with Schmeidmann to buy sets of rear springs for e34 Tourings. These are available in Europe and BMW shows 108 of them in stock, so realistically anyone can order them and there's no rush. Henrik said he'd give us 10% off if we ordered 5 pairs or more. List price is $100.30 per spring (need two!) excluding VAT -

    I'm ordering the heaviest of the "Low Slung Sports, NO SLS" spring from the e34 spring table. This is part number 33 53 1 138 721.

    BMW made basically 5 factory springs for the rear of the Touring -

    normal spring with SLS
    normal spring NO SLS
    low slung sport spring with SLS
    low slung sport spring NO SLS
    M-spring - all M5T had SLS/EDC

    The top four options had a few different part ranges based on the option package on individual cars. Each increment of the part number (i.e. 719, 720, 721) made for a slightly 'heavier' spring. I have not checked on availability of the -719 or -720 springs.

    The low slung sport spring without SLS will sit lower than the stock US spring, very slightly higher than the M5 spring, and WILL require the removal/loopback of the SLS on a US Touring or M5T. They will also sit appreciably higher than other aftermarket sport springs, some of which tend to look like the car's butt is dragging.

    NOTE - if you are putting these on a US 525iT/530iT and do not already have lowering springs on the car, you will also want to swap in the FRONT Low Slung Sport springs, Part numbers are 31 33 1 138 810 (808-812, where the -810 is probably the right US 525 spring and -812 is probably the right US 530 spring). These appear to run ~$95 each.

    I have not really done the math with shipping and VAT. If we get 5 orders or more, they should come in at just over 200 for each pair of springs delivered.

    Please let me know if you are interested, and also let me know if you can think of anyone else that may have interest. Ping me here or on the forum (same name).

    --Micah O'C
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    Nice solution for the touring owners. I've no longer got one so miss out on this... BTW for those keeping their SLS/LAD, there is also an LAD-specific Eibach pro-kit for touring and non-touring cars.

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    Good deal, thanks for sharing.

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