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Thread: Official KONI strut inserts or "Cut-A-Strut" installation procedure

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    Default Official KONI strut inserts or "Cut-A-Strut" installation procedure

    This is apparently a fairly popular modification where you cut the top off of E36 m3 struts, remove the guts, drill a hole in the bottom and insert a Koni Sport insert. Not only E36, but many other cars where Koni has suitable inserts
    Just for info some DIY links:

    I should have known that earlier, actually I replaced 2 years ago both my original Sachs-Boge E36 M3 front struts with
    312253 Sachs-Boge OEM - Strut Assembly; Front Left; OE Version
    312252 Sachs-Boge OEM - Strut Assembly; Front Right; OE Version

    and 'unfortunately' scrapped the old ones as both were leaking at the top with less than 50k miles, could have bought Koni sports inserts

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    Nice DIY, thanks!

    Wish I hadn't cheaped out and got our Meyle Sport damper replacements now. That GC setup doesn't seem to expensive, but for me, the stock Sport (-15mm) is ok and for mum any lower would mean big problems in the supermarket carpark. But the installation is at least super easy, yay!

    If only the e32/e34 front strut had that neat removable knuckle/strut design. (I wonder if it would be possible to retrofit it somehow, i.e. by sacrificing a set of e36/e46 struts)?

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