Just for info I copy this:
have a 1995 540 manual. It's been a reliable car, but suddenly weird electrical things have been happening. My windshield wipers don't return to stowed position, the washer doesn't spray anymore. Then yesterday when I tried to power down the left front window, the sunroof opened instead. Now none of the windows will power down and the sunroof is stuck open. (and it's cold and rainy where I am). Any ideas and/or help would much appreciated...
All of this is controlled by the GM general module under rear seat driver side. Check for water/moisture in that area. ETMs with relay + module locations and component location views by built year http://shark.armchair.mb.ca/~dave/BMW/e34/
Shogun you were exactly correct. I had my mechanic (who is not a BMW guy) check it out. Actually the whole module had, I suppose over years, shook lose and there were loose connections. And a blown fuse, but he didn't think the fuse was the one for the windows. So connections were cleaned and re-secured, and what do you know, everything back to normal. Thank you very much. Not sure why I hadn't thought of something that simple.
Thanks for the feedback. Some info on the GM: SUBJECT: New General Modules (GM) - MODELS: 7 Series (E32), 5 Series (E34) - - Vehicles produced 9/91 and later
Situation: New general modules have been used in production since September 1991 in all E32 and E34 models. The software has been completely revised (details of these revisions are found in the attachment to this Service Information Bulletin). Part numbers have been changed to reflect these revisions, as listed below, as of September 1991. Model Part Number: E32 61 35 8 356 095, E34-up to 61 35 8 356 095 9/91 production, E34-9/91 and later production 61 35 8 355 812
Note: E34 vehicles produced 9/91 and later have different central locking system components from earlier E34 vehicles; therefore, P/N 61 35 8 355 812 is used only in E34 vehicles produced 9/91 and later, P/N 61 35 8 356 095 can be used in E34 vehicles produced prior to 9/91, and in all E32 vehicles. When the general module is connected to the vehicles electrical system, it will recognize (and store in memory) the vehicle configuration, such as:
- with/without power windows
- With/without power sunroof
- with/without wiper contact pressure control
- with/without headlight washers
Important Information
All general modules must be plugged in only after disconnecting the vehicle's battery. If the vehicle's battery is connected when the GM is installed, undefined signal contacts can cause an incorrect vehicle configuration to be stored, resulting in the impairment of one or more of the above-mentioned systems. If one or more of the GM functions are impaired in this matter, the GM can be "cleared" by disconnecting the vehicle's battery for at least ten seconds.
GM Function Changes E32/E34 (Beginning with 9/91 Production)
- Repeat and Time interlock for headlight washers:
Time interlock: 3 minutes
Headlight washing at fifth windshield washing after time interlock.
- Intensive washing pump operating time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
- Minimum interval for intermittent wiping is programmable down to 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds)
- Increased wiper contact pressure during windshield washing cycle is now also provided during dry wiping portion of the cycle (previously only during washer pump operation).
- Previously, the GM would react to opposing signals (eg., an unlock signal while trying to lock, as with a defective microswitch) by carrying out the first command, then the opposing command (e.g., locking, followed immediately by unlocking).
Repeating the first command then results in carrying out that command (e.g., try to lock again, and locking is now carried out).
This function ("Asynchronous Position") is omitted in the new GM for all E32 models and E34 models prior to 9/91 (P/N 61 35 8 356 095), and remains in the new GM for E34 models after 9/91 (P/N 61 35 8 355 812) only for central locking commands "lock" and "double-lock".
- After unlocking is performed due to crash sensor activation, the locking command is now reactivated by double-locking with the key from either the driver's or passenger's door.
- The "one-touch" operation of windows has been expanded to include all four windows in the opening direction. The driver's window still has "one-touch" operation in both opening and closing directions. Interruption of the "one-touch" feature of the driver's window in the closing direction is still accomplished by depressing any window switch (in any direction), or by depressing the sunroof switch in the "tilt" direction (provided the sunroof is not already in the "tilt" position). Interruption of the "one-touch" feature of the sunroof in the closing direction is still accomplished by depressing the sunroof switch (in any direction).
- The switch-off delay of the interior lights which occurs after entering the vehicle and closing the driver's door has been reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.