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    Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place...

    First of all Thank you again Shogun for the info on where to buy the sensor, it's on its way.

    I am a BMW nut from Chile, I (used to own) a 1087 E30 3 series (passed to my son now), I own a 1981 732i, and an E32 1988 735i (which i bought in pieces) and decided to revive, (so far it has been more expensive than buying a running one) but At least I'll know it's going to be in perfect condition.

    I am a translator, wife, One kid (not a kid anymore he's 26) and two "stepkids" (that came with my wife).

    I have learned a lot during the two year rebuild, so i hope I can help if something needs anything.



    Pics follow:

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    Ho Ivo
    thank you very much for the pictures. Still seems to be a long way till the car is back in good old shape, but you will make it.
    Good Luck, use my website for the repairs.
    Please keep us updated on the progress from time to time, preferably with pictures.

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    Here`s a Pic i forgot to post, this is during reassembly of the engine, all new parts.

    The car has now the engine installed and it`s waiting for the crankshaft position sensor, and the donut sensor. I think the car will limp without the donut sensor, but will run well enought to move it from the garage to the paint shop and get it painted. it also needs complete interior and headliner, as well as painting, I believe it will be first painted and then upholsterd (makes more sense).

    well, here is the missing pic.

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