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Thread: e34. idle issue unsolved

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    Default e34. idle issue unsolved

    Its so great getting help when we get stuck with our toys.
    well, I have a 1992 bmw 535i.
    it had few idle issues but I did everything possible to get it solved.
    90% solved now.
    what I did....
    -valve adjustment as it needed it anyway.
    -vacuum leaks to the best i could do.
    -icv and maf clean up.
    -dipstick rubber washers.
    -oil sensor on pen as the oil level kept solved.
    -oil sensor.
    -rubber booths and lines.
    -gas cap.
    -spark plugs and wires.
    -ignition coil as I have seen e34s drive rough.

    -the problem is that it will not die or stall,no error codes but in idle its rough and for some reason the dash digital lights flicker a little.
    -Just of recent in the last two days with the cold weather in Toronto, the battery light and ABS light come on but go off after 10 seconds.

    I bought another e34 from a family friend for cheap but fill bad to start removing and experimenting with parts as this car runs well and drives I will sell it soon.
    I think someone else should enjoy it instead of using it for body parts.
    so I ask if any one can try and help with this issue I have on my automatic 535i.

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    Low battery can cause those issues as well. Hook up a volt meter to batt + and see where it's at when running. Anything less than 13 volt is too low.
    95 E34 530I V2.31
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    I did a smoke test today with a home made machine and pushed it thru the vacuum booster brake hose.
    found some leak in front near the radiator hoses but it hard to see around there. a little near my ICV plugwhich was weird
    as its a electric connector( the one that is just a pin connection)
    Going to buy a tester and do what you told me on the battery.
    Just getting into the DIY fix part of BMWs and its kind of fun.
    Ill keep you posted.
    thank you

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    Testing on the B+ as mentioned by 632 Regal is of course best, but for a quick test you can unlock the OBC and set it to test #9 where you see actual volts. It will fluctuate and that is normal. But if it is always too low, then it might be a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator. On the OBC I see usually about 0.5V less compared to direct test with a voltmeter on the B+ post in engine bay.
    How to unlock the OBC:

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    Sounds like you have some bad engine/chassis grounds.

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