Ordered a new water pump since I was in there and noticed a lot of play when replacing the idlers. I did Nikka without incident but this 95 has the smog tube right in front of the pump (insert pic) If it wasn't for the strange noises I am getting up front I would just keep the hood closed.


Not sure if the pic will work.

I read in the archives how much added fun this tube makes the job especially when trying to use all 3 hands removing the pump and holding both water tubes to the back manifold. #16 & 17 actually attach the smog tube right to the water pump. I have zero experience with this smog system setup and wondered if it can simply be unbolted and thrown out of the way or if #5 is going to be a problem? Not too much info on this smog tube in regards to water pump replacement.

Note: Bolts 10-13 have different numbers which is a tell tale that these things break and without having them on hand you will be without a vehicle until replacement bolts arrive... Looking again perhaps you can remove the nuts (#15) and pull the smog tube out of #5?

I might be over thinking this. In a way it looks like it could be simple since the M60 has ample access to all aspects of repair and replacing engine related items. Replacing the steering box makes this look like child's play...

Anyone ever see this issue?