Can't figure why the door panel wont slide up and out after removing the screws and plastic clips? Such a simple thing for everyone but me...

You need to pop the plastic/chrome trim piece on the inside top off first. On the front panels there are 6 clamp deals holding it on. Slide a wide screwdriver under it from the inside and pry it up, be gentle but forceful. It might not pop up but should move a little, now farther in do it again. it will eventually pop up as you work your way across the trim piece. If it breaks then you needed a new one anyway.

Once you have this thing off simply lift the panel up and it will come off like magic. You need to remove the latch handle cable before it will come completely off.

I could not get my panel off and everything I read about it left this little tidbit out. Now I will pull all the other panels so I can put everything back together correctly. The center black plastic clip should be removed and placed on the panel before reassembly. You will need to squeeze the metal piece with pliers to slide the plastic off. The top plastic chrome strip will be the last thing you put back on.