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Thread: E34 530 540 power steering heavy

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    Hope it works. Esp. in the summer!

    There is also stuff called Carbon grease, or that calcium stuff in the link I posted last year...

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    In case the Vaseline works well for you, I will also try that on my E32 750 steering wheel, the slip ring is screeching when temperatures are cold, disappears when cabin is heated to normal temperature. Vaseline I always have in the garage as multi purpose weapon, use it also for example
    for the o-rings of fuel injectors
    as an acceptable alternative to automatic transmission assembly gel
    holding check balls in tranmission valve body
    holding the steel balls in the steering gear when assembling

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    SO far it still works well. Still I think it's a bit thick but better than lithium. Has to be something slipperier that can do both the heat and cold. Seems it makes turning the wheel heavy in the cold, I cleaned it back up and just used a tiny dab and still a little thick feeling on turns when under 30 degrees F. If I turn it fast the lock pin will disengage and I have to carefully work it back into position before it breaks my airbag trigger wire. Sometimes tough while on twisty mountain roads.
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