Z3 - with M52 engine produced 7/96 - 9/98
Z3 - with S52 engine produced 1/98 - 1/99

Fault Code 83 - Crankshaft position sensor
Fault Code 244 - Crankshaft segment timing
Cause: Internal failure of the sensor
Affected Vehicles: This recall involves E36,E39 and Z3 vehicles with M52 and S52 engines which were produced from 6/95 - 1/99.The procedure given in this bulletin must be performed on all affected vehicles identified on DCS.
The Chassis Number Ranges listed below are only for informational purposes and are not to be considered as the only deciding factor.
Z3 LC00020-LC16358
Z3A LB62000-LB63999
Z3 M coupe LC60010-LC60950
Z3 M roadster LC85002-LC89198

Correction: The crankshaft position sensor needs to be replaced with the same type of sensor that is currently being used on the M52TU engine. Along with replacing the sensor an adapter harness must also be installed in order to supply the sensor with a 12V operating voltage instead of the 5 volts currently being supplied by the DME.