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    Default Auxiliary Fan Switch Pin Layout

    Some info on this:
    The aux fan plug goes onto the radiator right side at the temperature feeler on my E32 750.
    Wire colours and how to jumper for testing
    BMW E34 Aux Fan Resistor
    plug shows this inside 0, T1, T2
    term 0 is the brown wire(ground), term T1 is the violet/grey(low speed, closes @90*c), term T2 is the black/grey/yellow(high speed, closes @ 99*c)

    Wires jumpered............Test conditions................. Test Results
    Violet/grey+brown.......Ignition ON.................. Fan runs on low speed
    Black/grey/yellow OR...Ignition ON...................Fan runs on high speed
    Black/grey + brown

    If the fan does not run when powered directly, check for battery voltage at the switch connector with the ignition on. If battery voltage is not present, check fuse #29 (low speed) and fuse #25 (high speed). If no faults are found, remove the relays and turn the ignition on. Check for power at terminal 30 an terminal 86 of the relay block with the ignition ON.

    aux fan connector: see also here page 409 and 410 of 555, that is the diagram for the aux fan, also the wire colors are shown

    When the aux fan is seized, the magnets inside the motor are lose, one can open the motor and reglue the magnets.

    Part number: 61131378410, old part number is 61 13 0 492 947. DIFFERENCE between old and new is:
    old ones were for angled pins, the new one is for straight pins. The angled pins do not fit into the new plug. Unless you can bend them straight.
    So besides the plug you also need new straight pins with cables and resolder them. I did the same. You anyway need new pins and cable.
    Circular connector / D 2, 5 mm System
    Round receptacle 2.5, watertight, there you can decide between:
    61 13 0 007 441 0,5-1,0 MM
    I used 61 13 0 007 442 1,0-2,5 MM

    Same plug fits in the heater valves.

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    Also check the 2 relays for low and high, last year I found on one E34 the aux fan not running, simple cause was that the spades of the relays were oxidized and had no good contact in the fuse box. Cleaned them with a copper brush and then added good electric contact spray.
    BMW Sensors Problems and Faults

    Stabilant 22A Electrical Contact Enhancer

    Model: All BMW
    Connectors which carry low current are more likely to form deposits which affect the resistance of the circuit through the plug connector. Depending upon the particular circuit these deposits can cause malfunctions and consequently activate warning lamps and check control indicators.
    Part replacement can temporarily stop the problem.
    If the connector is the problem then without disconnecting the connector measure the resistance of the circuit running through the connector to make sure the connector has a high resistance. A good resistor will have close to 0 ohms resistance.
    Visually examine the male and female terminals in the connector housing by removing them. Look at the integrity of the wire crimps, and in some male terminals the integrity of the weld of the male pin to the terminal. Then reinstall.
    With a zero residue electrical contact cleaner liberally spray the male and female connectors, and allow the air to dry.
    Apply Stabilant 22A to both male and female terminals so they are saturated, and reconnect the connectors while they are still wet. When the Stabilant 22A dries it will leave a thin coating of polymer film which is conductive between mating surfaces, and is non-conductive between adjacent pins. It can also prevent the formation of more harmful deposits.

    Model: All BMW
    When connecting or disconnecting 2 or 3 pin plug connectors it is possible for the rectangular seal to fall out of the plug housing unnoticed. The seal prevents moisture from seeping into the plug as well as ensuring that the two halves of the plug are properly tensioned so that the contacts do not move within the plug. If this movement occurs the contacts can develop corrosion. Corroded or loose contacts could cause problems with the proper functioning of the vehicle, as well as causing difficulty in diagnosis due to the possibly intermittent nature of such problems.
    Ensure that when working with 2 or 3 pin plug connectors the seal is in place before the plug connector is connected. If it is missing then it must be replaced.
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