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Thread: information about BMW 3 series racing engine

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    Default information about BMW 3 series racing engine

    I can see many well funded people here so I ask you some information. As I stated in other thread I'm writing bachelors thesis about BMW V8s. I'm currently writing about racing engines and I'm little confused. My supervisor recommended me book BMW - The History of Engines: Engines That Made History from Karlheinz Lange, which is really brilliant book but ends in year 2000. It was written from many materials directly from BMW and is pretty accurate. So I really trust in it.

    Recently I wrote chapter about P60B40 engine, which was raced in 2001 in E46 GTR in ALMS, this engine is not in this book. This P60 does not fit much to BMW numbering system as M60 was made from 1992 to 1996, but P60 don't have to be derived from M60. There is plenty of information about P60 in the internet, so there is definitely some engine. Even photo from BMW museum, which pictures this P60B40.

    But P62B40 is mentioned in book. This engine from 1999 should develop 600 bhp without (i think) restrictors and some other necessary racing changes. Don't know where it was raced. There's only few information on this P62. I think its because many materials about this racing engine are confidental. There's that it was develepod to meet Amercan requirements, maybe for ALMS too? This P62 is mentioned only one time on the internet, in Croatian wiki. But there are some strange numbers next to it .

    Last is racing V8 is P65. Raced in E92 M3 GTR from 2009. I didn't search information on this engine yet.

    My question is mainly about P60 and P62. Are there really both these engines? Have you guys some good information? Thanks for your help.

    There are images of P60 and P62 from same side, as you can see they differ. Image of P60 is from internet (search P60B40 on google and it's one of first images), P62 is from my book.

    PS: I've chosen 3 series BMW because those engines were raced in them. If know better place, please move. Thanks again

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    that is about all I found
    P60B40 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the BMW Motorsport P60B40 was a very rare engine never mass produced only made for racing purpose s! It was designed by Albert Biermann "head of development for BMW's M and Individual divisions" it was built in less than six months. The Engine had its first debut in Sebring Florida for team Schnitzer Motorsport and PTG "Prototype Technology Group" at the American Le Mans Series. After a race Bill Auberlin was asked what he thought of the Uber M3 and he said "it is the best BMW M3 he has ever driven!" In 2001 the M3 powered by the P60B40 engine set new standards in the GT classification! BMW having clinched ten races with its P60B40 M3's the cars went on to win both the drivers and constructors championship. The P54B32 M3's also had healthy finishing times. ALMS homologation rules stated that cars must be for sale on 2 continents within 12 months of the regulations being issued, so BMW had some decisions to make. In the end BMW pulled out to retire the M3 GTR P60B40 choosing not to mass produce its Gem, the M3 GT P54B32 carried on dominating in the curves on the tracks but still lacking the agressive top end torque to get up to a high tops speed faster than the competition on the long straight away's.

    The BMW M3 GTR E46 raced in the USA and in Europe winning many victories, PORSCHE contested the wins because BMW didn't make a V8 M3 E46 race car, yet! BMW M3 PTG cars had some of the P54 engines powering the race cars and the other cars that looked identical had the P60B40 engine. To the naked eye they looked the same on the exterior of the Factory P54B32 M3 Race cars.

    So bringing us all up to speed the BMW P65-B40 is the code name for the new and improved BMW FACTORY RACE ENGINE of the New E92 V8 M3 that replaced the official M3 E46 P54B32 in-line six factory racing engine. The now cult engine everyone wants the P60B40 didn't get to race for more than 9 months here in the USA. BMW had a choice build a minimum of 12 street legal BWM m3 GTR's or withdraw the V8 M3GTR BMW did make 3 street legal BMW M3 GTR's that even had a modified front and rear bumper that looks like the same air scoop design as the factory race car minus the flared wheel arches. The hood was unique for the M3GTR P60-B40 and P54B32 because it was vented but not the same vented design was found on the ever so rare Factory Street car GTR M3. BMW Never mass produced it and canceled the project. No spare parts can be found except for what you see at a museum or by one private owner in Australia. The only factory race car M3 GTR's left here in the USA can be found at the MOBIL ONE TRADITION museum, they are not for sale and BMW AG would like them back and for some reason MOBIL ONE TRADITION won't sell them back to BMW AG.

    The P65-B40 V8 is the engine you can now get your hands at Scottsdale Motorsports L.L.C. Scottsdale Motorsports LLC If you want to play BMW is the only way and it weighs less than the P54B32 inline six engine it replaces.

    The P65-B40 Engine versions are as follows:

    BMW M3 GTS P65 detuned and street legal Pretty Much

    P65 GT4

    P65 GT3

    P65 GT2
    The BMW Museum: Das Part 3 – Start the engines! | ***************************

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    Thanks for reply. You found same info as I did. The post from is most valuable on P60 and P65 info, but still doesn't confirm P62. I'll try to write to my supervisor and will try to contact BMW M GT3 user from M3post.

    Still any other information on this engines is welcome.

    EDIT: BMW M GT3 has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him. - This sn't good.

    EDIT 2: It looks like that P62B40 was raced only one time. It was in Sebring 12 hours race in ALMS in 1999. It was raced in Lola B98/10 by Team Cascadia and they finished 24th in qualification and not started in race. In many sources you can find they had BMW 4.0L V8, but no which exactly which. But Lola uses special engines so it could be P62. This is one hot trace.
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