quote The Retrofit Guide

This DIY-er guide shows how to retrofit the various factory options to the E34 5-series, many of which are rare or available originally only on cars supplied outside the United States. The guide covers most of the two dozen special options, from the integral sunshades to the headlight washers and seat memory, and takes you step by step through the retrofits, describing the parts needed, tools to use, wiring to be done, and installation steps to be followed.

The over 300-page guide is chock-a-block full of color photographs illustrating the retrofit steps and showing invaluable views of how the cars are put together. The text comprehensively covers the steps based on actual retrofits, provides tips not covered in factory instructions, part numbers, and descriptions of factory and other useful reference materials.
The retrofits can all be done by a hobbyist without mechanic’s training. Where modifications to wiring are needed (the cars are often pre-wired for the options), the text explains how to do so. Parts for the retrofits are usually readily available from commercial or second-hand sources, or even new from the factory. The guide provides “project profiles” that rate each retrofit’s coolness, utility, difficulty, cost, and installation time, so you can pick and choose which options to add and when.

Also included are descriptions of many fun or useful accessories requiring minimal installation that are available for these vehicles.

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