checked with the Peake tester today and got the fault code 53 = crankshaft sensor.
Deleted fault, drove a mile, no more fault after checking again. Maybe the fault is an old one from former owner.
My car was imported from Georgia, USA.

I found this info:

UPDATED Crankshaft Position/RPM Sensor should be BMW part# 12 14 1 709 616, made by OEM Siemens.
BMW e36 e39 z3 Adapter Wire for Updated Position Sensor should be 12514592703

BMW Sensors Problems and Faults
Voluntary Emissions Recall Campaign No. 99E-A01
E36 – BMW 323i and BMW 328i with M52 engine produced June 1995 - December 1998
E36-BMW M3 with S52 engine produced January 1996 – December 1998
E39-BMW 528i with M52 engine produced March 1996 –August 1998
BMW Z3-with M52 engine produced July 1996 – September 1998
BMW Z3-with S52 engine produced January 1998 – January 1999
Vehicles that have a faulty crankshaft position sensor have had a Voluntary Emission-Recall Campaign. This is to check the illumination of the check engine lamp as well as fault code 83 – Crankshaft position sensor, and fault code 244 – Crankshaft segment timing.
The crankshaft position sensor should be replaced with the same sensor used on a M52TU engine. An adaptor harness must also be installed so that it has a 12V operating voltage instead of the 5 volts currently supplied by the DME.

BMW sensor faults and problems

Just found the original recall:

GROUP 12 12 10 99 Woodcliff Lake, N.J. July 1999 Engine Electrical Product Engineering
This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. 12 10 99 dated May 1999 which should be removed and discarded from your S.I. binder.

Perform the procedure outlined in this Service Information on all affected vehicles the next time they are in the shop for maintenance or repairs and on every affected vehicle prior to retail.
SUBJECT: Voluntary Emissions Recall Campaign No. 99E-A01

MODEL: E36 - 323i and 328i with M52 engine produced 6/95 - 12/98
E36 - M3 with S52 engine produced 1/96 - 12/98
E39 - 528i with M52 engine produced 3/96 - 8/98
Z3 - with M52 engine produced 7/96 - 9/98
Z3 - with S52 engine produced 1/98 - 1/99

Situation: BMW of North America, Inc. has initiated a Voluntary Emission-Recall Campaign to correct vehicles that may have a faulty crankshaft position sensor. A customer notification letter will be sent out by May 1999. This action will address the illumination of the "Check Engine"lamp and the following faults being set in the Engine Control Module (ECM/DME):

Fault Code 83 - Crankshaft position sensor
Fault Code 244 - Crankshaft segment timing

Cause: Internal failure of the sensor

Affected Vehicles: This recall involves E36,E39 and Z3 vehicles with M52 and S52 engines which were produced from 6/95 - 1/99.The procedure given in this bulletin must be performed on all affected vehicles identified on DCS. (A copy of the letter which will be sent to all affected customers in a staggered mailing is attached to this S.I.)
In order to determine if a specific vehicle is affected by this Recall , it will be necessary to utilize the "Service Menu" of the DCS (Dealer Communication System). Based on the response of the system, either proceed with the corrective action or take no further action. The Chassis Number Ranges listed below are only for informational purposes and are not tobe considered as the only deciding factor.

Model Chassis Number Range
328i/4 AV15000-AV25219 LB10002-LB10479
328iA/4 AV35000-AV65890 LB30004-LB31291
M3 Conv. EC42001-EC43174
M3A Conv. EC38005-EC40502
M3/4 EE05001-EE09665
M3A/4 EE10002-EE14165
M3/2 EY72008-EY81023
328i/2 ET00009-ET08059
328iA/2 ET30015-ET38036
328iC ET60003-ET67400
328iCA ET90006-ET99999 EY85000-EY91136
323i/2 EH40001-EH43356
323iA/2 EH60002-EH63662
323iC EA15000-EA18321
323iCA EM20001-EM23874
528i BV50010-BV56850
528iA BW00026-BW49997 GT90000-GT97785
Z3 LC00020-LC16358
Z3A LB62000-LB63999 LG20000-LG20708
Z3 M coupe LC60010-LC60950
Z3 M roadster LC85002-LC89198

Correction: The crankshaft position sensor needs to be replaced with the same type of sensor that is currently being used on the M52TU engine. Along with replacing the sensor an adapterharness must also be installed in order to supply the sensor with a 12V operating voltage instead of the 5 volts currently being supplied by the DME.


Procedure: The following steps must be followed when replacing the original M52 crankshaft sensor withthe new M52TU sensor.

1. Remove the crankshaft position sensor which is located below the starter motor.
Remove the Sensor (1)
If the sensor currently installed in the vehicle has a connector directly on the sensor which can be disconnected, then the new sensor is already installed. No further action is required and the DCS contact can be closed.

Note: Illustration shows location of component with air filter housing and air mass meter removed. It is not necessary to remove these components to perform this repair.

2. The electrical connection of the crankshaft sensor to the engine harness is located below the intake manifold.
To access this connector, the cap of the oil filter housing should be removed and the oil filter and housing should then be covered to prevent dirt from getting onto the
oil filter.
3. Disconnect the crankshaft position sensor (1) from the engine harness.
Note: This illustration shows the plug connectors with the intake manifold removed. It is not necessary to remove the intake manifold in order to gain access to these connectors and complete this repair.
4. 4. Remove the fuel rail cover and unplug the VANOS solenoid valve plug connector (2).
5. 5. Install the new crankshaft position sensor (1) P/N 12 14 1 709 616and O-ring P/N 12 14 1 748 398.

6. Install adapter harness P/N 12 51 4 592 703.
a. Connect (1) to the new crankshaft position sensor.
b. Connect (2) to the engine harness connector which was previously connected to the old crankshaft sensor located below the intake manifold.
c. Connect (3) to the VANOS solenoid valve located on the VANOS unit.
d. Connect (4) to the engine wiring harness connector which previously connected directly to the VANOS solenoid valve.

7. After the adapter harness has been installed secure the harness lead going to the VANOS solenoid valve (1) to the VANOS oil line with 2 cable ties (3).
Note: The harness lead going to the VANOS solenoid valve should not be under tension. The harness lead should be able to move.

Parts Information: Part Number.......... Description............. Qty.
......................12 14 1 709 616 Crankshaft position sensor 1
......................12 51 4 592 703.... Adapter harness.......... 1
......................12 14 1 748 398...... O - ring 17x3............ 1
......................61 13 1 377 134....... Cable tie................. 2

NOTE: The early style Crankshaft position sensors are no longer available from the Parts Department. Any retailer stock of Part Number 12 14 1 744 492 should be returned to your
facing PDC using : Return code: TEC 36 Order and invoice numbers do not need to be provided.

Recall Label
After the vehicle has been checked and corrected, obtain a label (SD 92-124) and with a ball point pen print your dealer code (5 digits) on the Recall Completion Label (see illustration).
An initial quantity of 100 labels will be sent to all BMW automotive centers. Peel the label from its backing and affix it to the left front strut tower (in the engine compartment) next to
the Vehicle Emission Control Label.

For California centers only it is required by the California Code of Regulations that an executed orange "Vehicle Emission Recall - Proof of Correction" certificate (SD92-084, see
illustration) be provided to each customer (for vehicles registered in the state of California) once the Recall on their vehicle has been completed.

Note: Additional labels can be ordered from Product Engineering (a pre-printed order form is enclosed).

Warranty Information: Reimbursement for this recall will be provided through campaign entry.
Defect Code: 00 12 27 01 00
Work Package #1: Replace crankshaft sensor & install adapter harness.
Models: E36 - 323i/iA, 328i/iA and M3
E39 - 528i/iA
Labor Operation: 00 51 404
Labor Allowance: 11 FRU

Work Package #2: Check if new crankshaft sensor is already installed.
Replacement not required.
Models: E36 - 323i/iA, 328i/iA and M3
E39 - 528i/iA
Labor Operation: 00 52 019 Labor Allowance: 3 FRU