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    Default compresor clutch relay

    I am new to this and may stumble around a bit.I have a 88,750iL with an A/C isue, that being the clutch fails to activate the compressor therefore the asumption is bad relay. Where is the dam thing? no clue from owners manual but NO big deal (right I have a Bently quite expensive manual so I only need to look there right" wrong. the manual states the relay is left side foot well behind pannel covering speaker, not so. Can anyone out there give me a clue as to where this dam thing is hiding.I would appreciate it very much. Boneman.

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    left side footwell is the lock sensor. In case the compressor freezes/blocks, the water pump pulley would also fail, in case of such a failure the lock sensor will release the clutch from the compressor. That lock sensor is a bit high inside the footweel space behind the speaker. And next to it is the relais you are looking for, attached to the lock sensor

    You can find the relais and fuses in the ETM, usually around page 20 it starts where they show it, on the last pages there is even a component location chart/view
    See here
    E32 (1987 to 1993 7 Series) Wiring Diagrams

    or here all on one page by built month/year:
    Elektrik Relaisbelegung

    all components
    BMW E32/E34 IHKA System

    Here another link which might be of help to you
    BMWTIS -- Repair Information

    check also my website below, many DIY write ups for the E32, especially the 750

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    Shogun, Thank you very much I have found the $#*&^ relay and etracted it. This has been my first trip to the BMW alter. I like the car but must thank god I can do much of my own work .Sad to see the poor quality in much of the electrical end of things. However the auto world seems to think it is the thing to do.

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    As you know if it is auto then clutch doesn't have more importance but in manual it is an essential part of driving.

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