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Thread: Heater Blower Issue

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    Default Heater Blower Issue

    92 735i
    Put in a new Blower 5yrs ago
    Put in a used Sword 7yrs ago
    Hello, I've been reading trying to figure out my blower issue.

    Heater Blower suddenly stopped working. Before that all was well. The fan speed would adjust fine. The blower blew strong and was quiet. When I turn the wheel for the fan to come on the lights come on and I can hear the vents opening and closing. I'm thinking most likely the Sword crapped out on me but I don't want to buy anything until I have a good idea it is the problem.

    I checked the fuses and changed them even though they looked good.

    What is the easiest way to test these parts... I know I can pull the blower an put 12v to it but that's a hassle.
    I saw Shoguns write up on testing the Sword but its in German and I just don't understand what needs to be done.
    Can I test the Fan Switch or do you think its good since I hear the vents open and close and lights come on.

    Since the blower just instantly quit on me I don't know what to do other then taking out the blower and working my way backward to find the answer.

    Thanks for your help

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    Does the fan not blow at all or does it work at full speed only ? In my experience if it works on full but not anything else then its definitely the sword, I also think that covers if it doesnt work at all, but Ive always at least at air on full.

    With the sword out you can take it apart to see if you have cracks in the solder but they may all be too small to see. I havent bothered to fix mine in the past Ive just replaced it with a cheap spare and theyve always worked for me *touches wood*

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    the sword is responsible for the heater fan speed.
    all fixes on my website FIXES - CLIMATE

    more info here on sword pinout and IHKA pinout, the relay is shown, inside the sword and sword schematic

    looks like the sword

    let us know when and how you fixed it

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    Martyyn the blower doesn't come on at all...
    IHKA doesn't control the blower does it?... I know the rear window defroster stopped working and I'm sure that's the reason but I don't think its related to the heater blower stopping.
    I'll probably get another Sword... ... not sure if i want to solder as I really don't know what I'm doing and could mess up a perfectly good part.. haha
    thanks anyway

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    The blower speed is controlled by the socalled sword. The IHKA unit/module is just for the control of the heater valves and adjustment of all the stepper motors, but NOT the blower fan speed.

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