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Thread: Trans Shifting Issue With 1995 530i

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    I will put her back up on jackstands today and fill with engine running.

    I was going by the info on this link. (does not say anything about leaving engine running while filling) Probably why I am having issues now huh?

    Project #23: ZF 5HP18 Transmission Valve Body Overhaul DIY Part 1

    Will inform you what the result was.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    The right procedure is with transmission warm... not hot... engine running... keep filling until it comes back out... Plug it up and you are done. it will suck up another 3/4 quart or so..You do this in Park.

    Car must be level and be sure to use jack stands.

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    Thank you very much Whisky Chaser for a brilliant solution to my 5HP18, (1994 525i Se Auto) problem, whichmirrored the subject of your write up. Unfortunately, during the rectificationprocess, having replaced the defective Selector Shift Valve, I unwittingly displaced the upper ValveHousing Group when trying to refit the Selector Valve Housing Group, mountingbolts. My inability to relocate it, necessitated removal of the whole SelectorUnit, in order carry out the realignment and refitting of the mounting bolts.In hindsight and to possibly save others an hour plus unnecessary awkward,under the car wrestling , this suggestion might be found useful. Source twoextra long bolts or preferably 2 lengths of suitably threaded studding, with ends bent at right angles, (to supportthe Valve Housing Group, whilst replacing the Selector Shift Valve) . Locateand remove the two, diagonally opposite, upper Valve Housing Group attachment, through bolts, (see picture) and fit the extralong bolts or studding before removing all the other bolts. This technique makes the on car ramp fix a fareasier process.
    Name:  BOLTS.jpg
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    Useful UK sourceof replacement Selector Shift Valve: 1056 327 173 (ZF Part number)
    JPAT Pn N157 62 10MANUAL VALVE, ZF, 5HP18, 5HP30, 5HP24, 5HP19 (PRICE 11.71 +p&p)
    JPAT JP(Automatic Transmissions)Ltd ,Tel 0845 130 4754 or +44 (0)1934 852772 Fax. 01934 85221 Were extremely helpful in locating and supplying the parts (given above), which arrived safelythe next morning.
    Being an average Joe with no pump to refill gearbox, I foundthat a short length of tubing, bent at a right angle and pushed into theplastic spout of my 1 ltr ATF bottle, enabled the filling and top up of the transmission with no spillage, (andwith car on ground top up), albeit a little tedious and time consuming.

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    Good to hear you found it of use:-) Yes, the bolts go all the way through and perhaps I should have made that clear. The upper part of the valve body will normally stay in place because it has been there that long. But if you push on the screws you could dislodge it. Long bolts or studs is a nice solution. If you get away without spilling any ATF you are doing well :-)
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    The selector valve inside the valve body was originally made out of a kind of plastic/resin, that breaks on many transmissions, so you have the feeling first that shifting is hard and then you can shift and shift and nothing happens, this part is now made of a new kind of reinforced 'plastic' material, example Product ID : 1056 327 173 01 selector valve
    So basically the same problem as with the small plastic balls in the valve body which get smaller and smaller and finally disappear.
    4 cases I know of within last month, 1 x on an E32 730 M60B30 with 5HP18, another one on an E36 M3 with 5HP18, and one case on an E34 with a 5HP18 and another one on a E36 with 5HP18.
    That part is included in every valve body overhault kit, position 50.020

    To replace that part you have to remove the transmission oil pan, the trans filter, then losen the valve body and drop it a bit and then you can change that part. No need to disassemble the valve body, but of you want to do so, here we have some pics when we do that in my garage for valve body overhaul
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    New pics and instructions bmw automatic transmission ga6l45r - no forward or reverse 1-series, 3-series-x3-e90-e82-e83 ga6l45r
    (used with permission from Bentley Publishers):

    Selector shaft failure description

    BMW E90 models may illuminate the transmission warning lamp and the vehicle will not move either in reverse and / or in forward gears. When the accelerator pedal is pressed engine speed only increases as if the transmission is in the Park or Neutral position. One or more of the following fault codes may be stored in the EGS (transmission control module):
    56B8 – EGS: Ratio Fault R
    56B9 – EGS: clutch, gears 3, 5, and R
    56BB – EGS: Clutch, gears 1, 4, 5, 6 and R: neutral test
    56BD – EGS: Clutch, gears 2 and 6: neutral test
    56BF – EGS: Clutch, gears 1, 2, 3 and 4: neutral test
    The cause may be a broken selector shaft rod. It is easy to misdiagnose this as a faulty transmission of Mechatronic unit. If you have any of the listed fault codes along with the listed symptoms, remove the transmission pan and inspect the selector shaft rod.
    The selector shaft metal rod (A) breaks away from the plastic guide bracket (B).

    Selector shaft rod, replacing
    Remove drain plug (arrow) and drain transmission fluid into suitable container.
    Remove transmission pan fasteners (arrows) then remove transmission pan (A).
    Pull transmission filter straight down and remove.
    Working at rear of valve body, pull down on Mechatronic connector release tab (arrow) to disconnect electrical connector.
    Remove Mechatronic unit fasteners (arrows). The fasteners require a BMW special socket, tool # 24 4 350 to order use part # 83 30 0 495 598. You can use an E12 (inverted Torx socket) if you grind down past the chamfer on the end of socket.
    Lower front of mechatronic unit, then remove while pulling rear out of transmission
    With Mechatronic unit on clean work space, remove fastener (arrow) from selector guide.
    Slide broken selector shaft (A) out of Mechatronic unit.
    Slide new selector shaft rod into Mechatronic unit.
    Align selector shaft (A) onto plastic guide (B), then reinstall guide fastener and tighten.
    Pull out old Mechatronic seals (arrows) and replace with new.
    Working at transmission, pull out old Mechatronic seal (arrow) and replace with new.
    Working at rear of transmission, pull out old Mechatronic electrical connector sealing sleeve and replace with new.
    Reinstall Mechatronic unit rear first, into transmission. Install fasteners and tighten.
    Working at rear of valve body, push Mechatronic connector tab (arrow) up to connect electrical connector.
    Reinstall transmission filter and pan.
    Fill transmission fluid and clear fault codes.

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