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Wow... I re-read this whole thread. I remember this and every moment an addition was posted. Brings back quite a bit of memories too. Fantastic job and read, reminds me of good days.
Wow, that is really weird because I just did the EXACT same thing and thought the same thing as well. I re-read the whole thread, although my memory was not all that clear and the re-read freshened up and filled in some memory gaps.

The reason I did the re-read was because I stumbled upon a similar but better thread from a really good dude over on bimmerfest. I have an E60 550i N62N and a guy crazier than me did an engine RRR on his E60 545i N62 so I read his at http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=731948 and thought of mine. If you have the hours, his is really worthwhile as he did an alusil quad vanos V8 with valve gear. Hell of a read.

So I had to re-read and re-live mine. Wish I had documented the tranny rebuild. Either way, thanks for all the kind words. Hardest and best thing I've ever done car-wise.