Hi guys - long time no post! I've been keeping an eye on the forum but not posting as much being the traitor I am to the e34 community!

Anyway I've had a few problems with the Jag lately so to help me diagnose I bought some live data software and I love it so I thought I'd share it with you guys... Cost me only about £120 and there's a whole load of stuff on it - much more than I even understand at the moment I suppose! Anyway here's my post from the XJR6 forum just copied over:

"Right here's some graphs of a little run I did around our estate last night after fitting the new o2 sensor... Things look pretty good. I hope!

Oh and I also adjusted the throttle cable at the strange star adjuster and managed to hit 92% throttle position on another run I took it out on (the data didn't transfer over correctly otherwise I'd have graphed it!) ;D

The large pause in the middle of the data is when I heard the terrible noise of the wheel bearing going into cardiac arrest... I got out to investigate as I thought it might have been brake related. Unfortunately not."

P.S I changed the wheel bearing myself over the weekend - saved me over £120 in labour! My first one too... Felt pretty chuffed with myself!