All I did is installed new batteries to my IR key, tried to reprogram the key but failed with that job and this thing happend the same day. While I was sitting inside, my nieghbor rang the bell and told me that I forgot the hazard flasher of my car on. I went out to see and it was on but the hazard button was off, tried to turn it on and off but nothing happend,turning on the ignition didn't help, eventually I ended up by unpluging the relay responsible for the turn signals and hazard, after one hour I plugged it back and everything was fine until the next day, while I turned on the igniton, the hazard flasher came on again and I needed to unplug the damn relay again.
The car has the european version IR alarm system. I was wondering if this hick up happend because I messed with the alarm system or it's just a coincidence? any ideas would be appreciated.