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Thread: Recommendations on Repair Jobs

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    Default Recommendations on Repair Jobs

    Ok, I got this "Consumer Direct Warranty Services" after market warranty before I had my car go in for total inspection... it of course only covers specific parts and labor... after the diagnosis, I find out that NOT ONE of the repairs will be covered by this... big surprise eh? Anyways, I will list the repairs "needed," and the price the stealers quoted... and my question is, just like I did for my brakes, for any/all of the following, can I buy my own parts and ask a mech to install it for me to save on cost and get some nice quality parts?

    (In parentheses are my local Firestone's quotes)

    1.- Front wheel bearings…. $1168.46 +tax ($800)
    2.- Rear wheel bearings…. $1224.75 + tax ($750)
    [ These I NEED to get done because my car is vibrating a little while driving, harmonically, and the bearings are getting pretty loud now ]

    3.- Front control arm bushings… $488.28 + tax ($493.38)
    4.- Left rear control arm… $512.24 + tax (lower $487.72)
    5.- Front tie rod ends…. $485.39 + tax (inner/out $660.42)
    6.- 4 Wheel alignment…. $149.95 + tax (free)

    Center console $337.47 + tax
    I ordered a new leather center console cover, and it's a bit%& to do it myself, so I need to find some upholstery place to do it, but $330 is absolute madness.

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks guys!
    1997 328i w/Sports Package
    5 speed manual
    140,000 miles
    Front: 17" (225)
    Rear: 17" (245)

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    Default Where are you located?

    Those prices are a bit steep!

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    All four wheel bearings? F'kin brilliant diagnostics by your friendly local tire store.
    Find an independant repair shop that specializes in BMWs, a bunch of cars like your own in their lot is always a good sign and get a real mechanic to look at it.
    You could replace your for car what a dealer will charge and "undercar" shops will just try to screw you.
    Your sense of urgency may be justified but no reason to be hosed.
    "The gas pedal wouldn't go to the floor if it weren't meant to be there"

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