Ok, I got this "Consumer Direct Warranty Services" after market warranty before I had my car go in for total inspection... it of course only covers specific parts and labor... after the diagnosis, I find out that NOT ONE of the repairs will be covered by this... big surprise eh? Anyways, I will list the repairs "needed," and the price the stealers quoted... and my question is, just like I did for my brakes, for any/all of the following, can I buy my own parts and ask a mech to install it for me to save on cost and get some nice quality parts?

(In parentheses are my local Firestone's quotes)

1.- Front wheel bearings…. $1168.46 +tax ($800)
2.- Rear wheel bearings…. $1224.75 + tax ($750)
[ These I NEED to get done because my car is vibrating a little while driving, harmonically, and the bearings are getting pretty loud now ]

3.- Front control arm bushings… $488.28 + tax ($493.38)
4.- Left rear control arm… $512.24 + tax (lower $487.72)
5.- Front tie rod ends…. $485.39 + tax (inner/out $660.42)
6.- 4 Wheel alignment…. $149.95 + tax (free)

Center console $337.47 + tax
I ordered a new leather center console cover, and it's a bit%& to do it myself, so I need to find some upholstery place to do it, but $330 is absolute madness.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks guys!