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    Default 3 series buying advice

    A friend of the family wants to get a 3 series to the replace the 5 series he wrecked. He's just finished HS and will be going away to college so he wants something that gets decent mpg and isn't a bank breaker. I suggested a 3 series.

    What models should have avoid? He's seen a few 318s he's liked...he doesn't want anothing too fast after he trashed his 5 (missed a corner, sailed at least 90' in the air before landing, only injuries where from the airbag where it slid up his arm). One of his cohorts said he should get a M3 to keep up with the Hondas (I laughed so hard when I heard this I almost coughed Pepsi out of my nose). Any model years better than the others?

    Lastly, he's already planning on some fairly iffy upgrades. A friend of his is a "tuner" and has loaded his head up with mods such as a fart tip ("good for 15hp), a K&N cold air intake ("good for another 15hp), "special" plugwires ("at least 20hp), etc. You get the idea. I've suggested that if anything he get an EAT chip if there is one made and to avoid the other stuff since it's all smoke are mirrors. He doesn't believe everything "tuner" boy says, which is good. He's leaning towards neon (crap), if he decides on that then I'll push him towards a Honda OR make sure jimmy540i gets some pics. My idea of good mods would be an EAT chip, the mtech suspension on and the like. No dub dubs I'd not make it too far on our roads with that crap hanging off your car.

    I'm asking these as a favor for his mom (major babe).

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    Default Show us a pic of his mom, and we might do some talkin'..

    Quote Originally Posted by rickm

    I'm asking these as a favor for his mom (major babe).

    In my 15 months of E30 ownership, I have found that my car is very sufficiently powered for my needs. I can get 0-60 in about 9 seconds (a little quicker if need be), get 26 mpg city, 31 highway, see triple digit speeds if required, and stay firmly planted in turns. This is with a '91 318iS with ProFormance chip (Mark didn't have an EAT for it just yet...), Bilstein HD's, refreshed suspension bits all around, new hoses, belts, vacuum lines, coils, typical maintenance items for a 100k mile car. It starts every morning, only drips a tiny bit of oil ( ), and makes me smile every time I drive it.

    I'd suggest a well-chosen 318iS, or a 325e, for your hot friend's son. A 325iS in the wrong hands can be just as dangerous as an M3 (heck, any car can be, but "potential energy" is higher, if you will).

    318iS (M42) was only available as '91 model year in the US. I'd shy away from a earlier 318 (M10). The M20 2.7l eta is a tough bird, but low-revving. The 325i is a little higher-strung, with the M42 a rev-happy twin-cam. The 318iS is the lightest of the bunch, and mine especially is (early '90 production, without sunroof, fogs, or central locking!) Think Jr's 318iS for a perfect example, and Winfred's for a great looking 325iS (that sounds like it'll haul donkey).

    Hope that helps a little. Now show us your babe friend!

    Bill B.
    Bill B.
    95 525i

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