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Thread: Valve cover leak->broken valve cover studs->broken easy out

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    Default Valve cover leak->broken valve cover studs->broken easy out

    Yeaaaah, so now I remember why I swore off using Easy Outs.

    I noticed a leak at the back of the engine from the valve cover or the rubber duckie seal. Right rear valve cover stud snapped off while I was torquing them to 89 in-lbs (yes I know the diff between in-lbs and ft-lbs). I assume it was already bad, since when I pulled the valve cover the front stud was also busted off right at the level of the head....I didn't even realize there was supposed to be a nut there. Heh.

    Anyway, drilled into that right rear stud, which had snapped level with the head. Put in an Easy Out and the f-ing thing broke off. Obviously it's a whole lot harder than my drill bits. I also don't have a functional welder right now (swapped the gas cylinder for one to use on my kegerator ).

    My options seem to be: A) try to get it out with a carbide burr on my dremel, B) take it to someone with the welding skills to extract it, or C) leave it and try to make the valve cover stay leak-free with some silicone RTV.

    Anyone had luck with the last option with a missing valve cover stud or two? I really, really, really hate to do it that way...but that's life.
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    Bummer! Personally, I would slap it together, take it to a reputable guy and have him (her) fix it right. While at it, I would have him remove all the other studs and replace with fresh ones. They are only .95/ea at BAV Auto, or go to your local stealer and not wait on shipping. I can not see it taking more than an hour of his time. While Jury rigging has its place, I think this could get very messy and problematic if handled incorrectly.

    Good luck.

    BTW any machine shop should be able to do it too!


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    I just worry that it'd be difficult to get out with the head in place. There's very little room to work on that rear stud location...probably part of the reason the stupid easy out snapped in the first place.

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