all E32 in L version = long have at least LAD (rear only), other E32 in short wheel base version: it was option.
Then there was an option for EDC front and rear.
EDC I was used in the beginning till around mid 1990, easy to see if EDC I, as the wires go out of the top shock in the engine room. EDC I is much easier.
Then came EDC III, that is much more complicated, but also diagnosable with DIS. There the wire connection are on the sides of the shocks.
Front shocks are very difficult to repair. rear shocks easier.

The tool we made is actually too much for the job, but the guy who made it for us thought it should last 100 years maybe ;-)

EDC II was never used in E32.

E34 Touring have LAD, and then we have some others like E34 M5 with EDC plus, EDC Nurburgring version and so on.
I even found EDC IV control unit in one of our Aklpina B12 5.0 E32.

The question is where to get the stuff and to offer a set. So if you can offer a complete repair kit for the LAD shocks, that would be wonderful. Maybe the part which you could not get ready made, is this white poly or whatever material bush. And then you lathe in your garage comes into action to make a complete set.
Guys like shogun make their own stuff and source each single gasket somewhere, but others do not know where to get them.
So aim it to get a complete set out of one hand.
You could even make a small reman business for people who are afraid to do it or do not have the tools. Rema LAD shock against return shipment of the defective one.
To make it perfect, including the big rubber bush at the bottom where the shock is tightened to the sus. That rubber part I could not find yet.
I am presently making a tool to push that bush out of the lower shock part with a press.

I will copy all from the M5 board and post it here, so we have all in one therad. A concentrate.