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Thread: Door Brake Has Torn Door Sheet Metal

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    Default Door Brake Has Torn Door Sheet Metal

    So like an idiot I never put a reinforcement plate on my 235k mile baby and although it has not broken all the way throug, the break has torn the sheet metal on the door. Would installing the KMS plate with JB Weld do the trick or do I need to get the sheet metal welded properly for the plate to work?

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    Not to hijack, but can someone tell me if this is a weakness that affects all E34 model years? Is this fix something to do as a PM? When do they usuall fail?

    As far as what I have seen from the fix, you use JB Weld and large washers. Don't think there is a need to weld.

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    You can just put the plate on as is. Mine ripped thru the sheet metal too. You just screw the two fasteners thru the plate back into the brake... the plate is thick and long enough it should still have plenty of area to cover.
    1995 540i Manual build 1/95

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