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Thread: M70/M73 ignition wire sets L+R NEW

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    Default M70/M73 ignition wire sets L+R NEW

    made on special order and available now. Presently have them in black or red colour available. Consist of all 12 ignition wires with plugs between plugs and distributors, and 2 wires with plugs between ignition coils and distributors. Red set plugs are also black, same as the black set plugs. Not included:
    -bracket/cable channel, to be used from existing one engine
    -2 donuts/speed sensors (can be delivered at extra price new, either BMW OEM, or made by FACET, whatever you like). But usually the old donuts are re-used. Instructions to refit them, see inside link. Longer delivery time for this, as no stock presently for donuts.
    -no marten protection on the ignition wires (that was also optional on the OEM), cable 'rubber' and plug 'rubber' made of silicon material. So much softer than the OEM ones.
    Plugs are woodscrew type connections, easier to use than the OEM metal bush connections which sometimes fail.

    In case of interest send me a PM with shipping details.
    old<> new

    fits: E32 750iL 1987-94 5.0 Ltr M70 B50, E38 1995-01 5.0,5.4 Ltr M73, E31 850Ci/i 1991-94 5.0 Ltr M70 B50, E31 1995-97 5.4 Ltr M73, E31 850CSi 1994-96 M70 B50

    The approx. length from end to end incl. the boot on each side, so you can double check on your car:the one which goes between ignition coil + distributor 54 cm/21.3", 44cm/17,3", 51cm/20", 60cm/23,6", 70cm/27,5", 77cm/30", 85cm/33"

    Update 2018-07-18
    All blue ignition wires sold.
    Black ones on stock. Price per set of black ignition wires consisting of 12 ignition wires between distributors and spark plugs + 2 wires between ignition coils and distributors = total 14 wires US$ 190 shipped by airparcel from Japan.
    NEW: limited number of RED ignition cable sets consisting of 12 wires between distributors and spark plugs + 2 wires between ignition coils and distributors = total 14 wires US$ 210/set shipped by airparcel from Japan (spec same as the black wires, just the cable colour is different)
    Paypal o.k. Please contact me by PM with shipping address. Make sure your old plastic ignition wire tubes are not brittle.
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