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Thread: If you have a light gray interior...

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    Default If you have a light gray interior...

    Well, it's been a while since I've posted after selling my 535i a while back. I kept my sheepskin seat covers with the intention of purchasing a nice E39 with light gray interior sometime in the future to put them in. But I'm pretty certain that's not going to happen now, so I'm selling them. This is a set of premium sheepskins from Bavarian Auto. I forget what I originally gave for them (they were expensive), but they go for $280 EACH now. They use thick leather with plush wool and are custom cut and fitted to the E34 seat. They are light gray in color and meant to match the light gray leather used in E34's. They are both faded from the sun a bit. The driver's side also is not as plush anymore and has a couple of small spots where the seatbelt rubbed the wool off. Functionally, they are still great. I bought them because they keep you cooler in the summer and much warmer in the winter. Just the opposite of normal leather seats. I'm asking $150 plus shipping for the pair. If you want more info or pics, email me at: kieffers@hesenergy.net. Also, I have 100% feedback at Ebay (ferrarif1racefan-user name) and conduct all my online transactions honestly.



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    Default The sheepskins are sold

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that a fellow board member in California is now the proud new owner of my sheepskin seatcovers. Thanks for the inquiries.

    Robert K

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