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Thread: Need help on my '94 740iL

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    Default Need help on my '94 740iL

    My SRS light started flashing and then stayed lit after a few minutes. This happened after I washed down the engine compartment. Did I screwed up the SRS system enough? Manual said to bring it to the dealer for service but I can only wonder how much they will chop off my wallet. Is there a way to reset that light?

    Also I am losing coolant on a slow leak that looks like it is coming from under the reservoir. The dealer, again, said that the main coolant hose was busted, but after removing the engine cover i could not see any leak at all. I know I am not burning it and my radiator is sound. Looks like the reservoir is overflowing overnight, but that should not happen if the level is right, which it is. What is going on? Please help, I am running out of hair to pull.
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    To reset the SRS warning light there is no trick like with the oil and inspection reset with a wire etc.
    2 Options;
    1. Dealer or indy and pay him about $50

    2. Buy a reset tool from me for $ 85 incl. shipping and you have the oil and inspection reset tool included.

    Note: the SRS system on your BMW needs to be functioning properly in order to reset the SRS light. If the system detects a fault on any of the systems sensors a reset without replacement of those failed components is not possible.

    Read also this

    PEAKE airbag reset tool does not work on your E32

    Coolant leak from under the reservoir:
    Probably a haircrack in the lower section of the reservoir, happens on older reservoirs pretty often, they get prittle, also the rservoir neck is often a problem on old reservoirs, they are also brittle and break.
    If that happens in the middle of nowhere at night and you cannot drive on, better buy a new one...

    Do not wash down the engine room, especially not with steam.
    See this info by BMW

    and if you wash it, be careful where you spray the water, electronics are sensitive.

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