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Thread: New newbie introducing myself...

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    Default New newbie introducing myself...

    Hi everyone,

    I think it's about time I introduced myself. I've been lurking here for a bit.

    The two cars I've always liked are the early to mid '90s Lotus Esprit and the 8-series and I finally picked up my 8-series not too long ago. It's stock except for the wheels, window tint and cat-back exhaust. I'm going to upgrade the stereo system soon.

    Here are some pictures:

    Do you think I should lower it or does this look okay?

    Here're my other toys:

    Anyone else in the San Francisco bay area?

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    Nice Toys!!

    You will find that this section of the forum is a bit quiet. The 5-series section is more lively, especially if you like e34's.

    There are a few guys from the Bat area in that section.
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    everything is in the 5er section, this area is just cause I asked Ed to add
    95 E34 530I V2.37
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    welcome to the forum.. definitely lower it..

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