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    hi there, just bought a bmw full enclosure alarm, as i had one on my 89 e34. bought a 95 e34 with no alarm. just wondering how do i fit this one. not got it yet, ebay toy!! probably knackered anyway!! do they just plug in to fuse box or is wiring connectors there for it, just bought it on the pictures posted of it so unsure as to how it fits, there are 2 boxes with a plug and a fob. any help greatly recieved. mike

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    Think they will most likely plug in either under the back seat or behind the lower trim panel to the right of the steering wheel (RHD car).

    There are however several different types of alarm so even then it may not fit your connectors

    I bought a keyless entry system off ebay rather than trying to replace the broken alarm on my car, this also closes all the windows and deadlocks the car. Alarms just make a noise - no one takes any notice!

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