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Thread: is my ihkr disconnected?

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    Default is my ihkr disconnected?

    so i've been chasing assorted gremlins and found this short in the plug to the ihkr final stage unit. i don't think it's the reason behind my recent charging system problems but i'd like to disconnect it for a time all the same. i have pulled the blower relay and the #19 fuse in the main fuse box i think that kills everything but i'm not sure... advice please? am i leaving any open circuits?

    that ground goes to g202 so i'm wondering if there is a short there too, first i have to find it!

    i think my charging problems are the alternator but i had it tested 3 weeks ago. i don't see any voltage drops when i voltmeter the engine block to ground and there is negligible current draw with ignition off but i don't know what else i can test for.(?)

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