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Thread: 740i won't start

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    Default 740i won't start

    I have an E38 (production date 11/94). The vehicle was running, then turned off and sat for several months until the battery died. Now with a full charged battery, the engine spins but will not fire. The fuel pump activates with 100ish psi. I replaced the crank shaft sensor and changed spark plugs. When starter fluid is introduced after the mass airflow sensor, the vehicle does not fire. I also disconnected the + and - from the battery and held them together (no battery) for 20 seconds as recommended by a BMW tech to 'reset' the system. This didn't help. Does this vehicle have an EWS anti-theft system and could that be the problem?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Try disconnecting the battery, first remove the - then + for at least 30 minutes.

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    ask/do a search here, they are specialized on E38

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