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Thread: 5hp18 oil, and topping up

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    Default 5hp18 oil, and topping up

    Did a search but cant find what i'm after, what oil do i stick in my 5hp18? is it dexron 2? and if so how much? and how do i do it?!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've got the same tranny in my 530i. Here's some info to get started.

    Don't forget to change the FILTER also. I also changed the gasket and needed about 4-5 quarts through the whole process.

    Fluid standards are listed in the material. You will need to find something comparable at you local store or order from BAVAUTO or BMA, etc.

    I would still like to do a complete fluid flush someday. Don't know if I could do it myself...and don't really want to pay for it. Buying all the fluid necessary would cost enough. I think 11-12 quarts total.

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    Dextron II is the correct fluid. The links are the procedure in artguys reply
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