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Thread: brake caliper paint suggestions

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    Default brake caliper paint suggestions

    I am planning to do a complete brake replacement this week and I want to paint my slightly rusted calipers while I'm at it. I know that Bruno's site suggests using "Savage Caliper Paint" for a longer lasting paint job. Does anyone know if this paint can be bought from a retail store like Kragen's or Pep Boys? Also, if anyone has any experience with this product and they would like to share, your comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I used high-heat spray paint available from any auto parts store. Its been almost a year and they still look good. I also did the hats on my rotors with this and they still look good also.

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    Default VHT paint has some

    I used some high temp paint made by VHT. the label noted it could be used for calipers. available in several colors and either flat or semi-gloss black.

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    A few years ago my son used the G2 Brake Caliper paint for his e30. The kit came with everything he needed and the results were really nice. The process was a little messy but it came out great. He ordered his kit on-line.

    Good luck.

    1994 530it

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