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    can anyone please shed light on to the subject of tyre sizes on e34s. i have owned 4 of these and have just bought a 1995 one. cant believe the trouble in getting tyres for this as it has metric tyres on it. all my other e34s are on imperial so why did they change the sizes on the face lift e34? good job i have 3 sets of the old bbs alloys that i could fit on. tyre plases have told me that the metric tyre size is now classed as vintage and like hens teeth to find. i contacted a place and they told me it could be a month before they may get a tyre or there anywhere in england that these tyres readily avalible ie go anytime for a tyre as i want to keep the car original. mike

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    metric TRX tires?
    You case use them in your garden for the sprinkler hose.
    One Michelin TRX tire costs more than 4 normal ones, if you get it at all.

    Just use standard wheels and forget about TRX.

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    A '95 shouldn't have had metric tires on it as original equipment. I'd guess someone put those on right before they sold the car as the original tires were probably no good anymore and they either had that set of metrics around, or got them for free from someone else.

    As Shogun said just use standard wheels/tires since those metrics are expensive, and really aren't any good. Not to mention if you want to keep the car original you should take the metrics off as those aren't original on a '95.

    Put one of your BBS sets on it for a while and find out what the '95 518SE came with from the factory and fit those at a later date if you don't end up actually having a set right now.
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