Jimmy's the owner at Wheel Alignments Plus .. they've been around forever and a day.

I went to a big-name local tire and alignment shop to get my M-parallels mounted/balanced and get the car aligned this past summer after I lowered it on the Sachs kit - Corsi Tire... They do ok when the car is stock, but when I told them it was lowered - they sent me right to Jimmy at Wheel Alignments Plus.
He did a great job with the E34, including taking into account the lowered geometry.

He recently did my wife's Trailblazer (also lowered) and his guys did a fantastic job there as well. Not the cheapest either.. but I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for.. Get it done right the first time.

BTW - they also have the new Hunter Road Force Balancing machine - so they can do it right - and if you want to buy from the Tire Rack, he'll let you ship to them directly and then bring in your car for them to mount up the new tires and/or wheels. Also - I believe they also will do general work as well. Very nice guy, and I feel comfortable in his opinion as he's never steered me wrong yet.

Tell him Rick with the red BMW and the blue Trailblazer sent you.

Wheel Alignments Plus Inc
174 Terrace Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573
(914) 939-7888

Mon-Fri: 08:00am-06:00pm