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Thread: Screeeeee! and also the headrest

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    Default Screeeeee! and also the headrest

    95 525i 5 spd- The AC compressor squeals, not too bad, but enough I can hear it come on and off. The guy who checked the car out for me re-charged it with some oil in the freon, said it might help. It didn't. Just wait till it dies, or is there something else?

    My headrest motors run with great enthusiasm. The headrests behave like a Chevy- like a rock! I don't suppose yanking them out and jamming them back in will help....?

    Thanks- Andy

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    it's hard to say on the ac without looking at it. the headrest problem is the same problem that makes the seats screw up, the drive cable shrinks and pulls out of the gear box, do a search on twisted seat fix and that will show you how to fix
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    there can be a couple items pertaining to the AC, 1 which could be too much oil would cause a squeeling because of hydrolock, thats when there is too much oil, the other could be a tired belt. The belt might look good as in no cracks etc but if it drys out it can slip even tho lookin good. If you scrape it with a finger nail on the grooved side it should feel rubbery if not its time to change everything, waterpump, thermostat and housing, antifreeze etc. start with the bacics and go from there.
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    Default Thanks! I checked the belt. It's definitly the compressor.

    I'll do a search as you suggest. Thank you for the help.

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