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Thread: double lock disable engine?

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    Default double lock disable engine?

    I just purchased a 1995 525I with 163K so ease me in on this forum, I will definitely need some guidance.
    Previous owner installed after market remote locking/alarm. It definitely acts finicky randomly going thru close/open cycle while the car is being started or sometimes running.
    Yesterday the car wouldn't start. Engine cranks, no smell of gas. Tank is full. Battery is fully charged. I started to check fuses, 23 is good. There was too much noise to hear if pump was working.
    My question is - does the double lock prevent the car from starting?
    If so, I'll have a shop completely remove the after market works.
    I have other issues but I'll start with just being happy if I get the car going.

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    factory double lock no, unknown aftermarket alarm who knows what they may of spliced it into
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    Quote Originally Posted by winfred
    factory double lock no, unknown aftermarket alarm who knows what they may of spliced it into
    If it has EWS I, double locking the doors will disable the starter motor

    However you're more than likely correct winfred, assassinate that alarm and your car will work again!

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    A factory DWA system will immobilise the car when the doors are double locked. It uses the same system that the code function on the OBC uses.

    See this for some more details on dwa - http://www.e38.org/e32/BMW_pdfs/DWA.pdf
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    I'll second the motion to ditch the alarm.
    EDIT Sorry Ferret, I meant to BIN the alarm.
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