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Thread: WTB Stock Lights(tails,corners,markers.)

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    Default WTB Stock Lights(tails,corners,markers.)

    I need stock tail light assemblies, front corner assemblies, and in-bumper markers lights for a 1994 540 e34. Mine are after market tinted and i can't pass inspection. as long as i can screw them in, and they're stock colors, i can use em. i don't have much money. help me out. Thanks, rob
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    Those tails aren't cheap. If you're just trying to pass inspection, how about a junk yard.

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    I've got some stock taillights (All 4 pieces) that work great, no cracks or odd scratches. I recently replaced them with hella smoked.
    How about 40 plus shipping for all 4 pieces?

    I'll get pics, and I'm pretty sure they've got bulbs for everthing - I'll check beforehand.

    Just PM me and I'll get all that stuff for you.

    OH, I'll also have new corners soon - I'm replacing mine. (The stock ones work great, also no damage)
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