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Thread: What's Up with Bosch Oxygen Sensors?

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    Default What's Up with Bosch Oxygen Sensors?

    I just received two oxygen sensors which I ordered for my wife's E39 - they were supposed to be Bosch p/n 13884. To my surprise the Bosch-marked boxes with the correct p/n were marked as made in Japan (I thought no problem as they could be outsourced), but when I checked the sensors, they were made by NTK (which is a cheaper product), and they didn't look like a Bosch sensor either. After I contacted the supplier, they told me that they come in this way now and offered me the phone number to Bosch. Has anyone had a similar experience when purchasing Bosch oxygen sensors?
    Steven G.

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    NTK is equal to or better than Bosch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon K
    NTK is equal to or better than Bosch.
    That's what I was thinking too. Have had pretty decent luck with the Denso stuff as well...

    But I can see your point, if the NTK part was cheaper than the Bosch part, and I'm getting the NTK part anyway, gimme the difference back.

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    I replaced the sensors on my E39 last year. I found that NTK makes virtually all O2 sensors anyway. Like you say, they were cheaper to order direct, so...
    Mark Hall
    '95 525iA EAT chipped (just one now )
    '98 528iA

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