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Thread: 5er Generations Photoshoot (09.23.07) - IL

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    Default 5er Generations Photoshoot (09.23.07) - IL

    Hey guys,

    I don't often post here, but I just wanted to throw out an opportunity for a photoshoot this coming Sunday before the Bill Jacobs Vintage event around 10 am.

    Right now, I am looking for a car from every 5-series generation - 1 non-M version & 1 M version.

    E12: Andrew ('80 528i US), Adam ('80 M535i)
    E28: SPOT TAKEN, Bruce ('85 M5)
    E34: ________, Mike ('91 M5)
    E39: SPOT TAKEN, Andre ('02 M5)?? **Would like one more non-M tech E39**
    E60: ________, Eric ('06 M5)??

    The spot is tenative at the moment, but details will be ironed out and announced during the week. We are hoping to catch the Roundel's attention

    Kris on the board can vouch for me personally on the shoot. If you guys want some samples of pics I've taken, check out the following galleries:

    If you guys are interested, please e-mail me at with some details and a picture (or pictures) of your car. Thanks in advance and hope to hear back from you guys soon!

    - Mike
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    Damn, a week after I was in Chicagoland.
    Atlanta, GA/Bloomington, IN, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denton
    Damn, a week after I was in Chicagoland.
    that is unfortunate i wish i could've come to that meet, but i was amidst a busy couple weeks at work. hopefully the next time! your car looks immaculate!

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    BUMP. List updated!

    All we need is one non-M E34 and one non-M E60

    Anyone interested? It's right around the corner!

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    Where's the meet again? I may be able to join with my freshly detailed Brilliant Red 535i/m. Here's a link of pics that we just took yesterday...

    '90 535i

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    If you're looking for a stock E34, maybe my brother's will be back together by then...

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