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Thread: OT: sundry good deals on auto goods at home depot....

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    Default OT: sundry good deals on auto goods at home depot....

    the problem is, the selection of the "good" deals will vary from store to store. I can't say that they are running a clearance on castrol 5w30 gtx at every store, because they aren't. I went there looking for cheap gtx or pennzoil per the "deals" board on bobistheoilguy.com, but they didn't have any. what they did have was pennzoil dexIIImerc for .97 per quart, 12oz of brake fluid for the same, and rainx wiperblades for $1 each. ~$26 for 12 quarts of tranny fluid, 6 wiper blades (couldn't remember what vehicles my canadian uncle/cousins own now) and 2 quarts (6 bottles) of brake fluid. i'm thinking i did ok. I'm going to go back and find the manager of that section, and ask him if he will give me a deal for taking all of one product off the shelf. I guess that HD kinda failed at the automotive products section, as some stores don't even have them anymore, and the guy at the service counter didn't even know when i asked him (i had to show him) that they had an automotive section. resultantly, they are very slowly trying to get all of the car stuff off the shelves.
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    eh, I paid $5 per blade there. $2 for some leather conditioner. They also had the original Rain-X goo on clearance, but I don't use that anymore.
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