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Thread: 60k, Inspection II, Anyone with DIY tips on oil change?

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    Default 60k, Inspection II, Anyone with DIY tips on oil change?

    My car is finally coming to its 60k mark and ofcourse, it's automatically pulling itself to the stealership by giving me the Inspection II light. Do I need to go to the stealership or should I be able to do oil change myself? Does anyone have the DIY (step by step) for the oilchange (i.e., parts, site, etc.)? I would also like to get the brakes done @ 60k, good idea to do it myself or take it in?

    Do I have to reset anything if I do decide to do oil change myself? Thanks for the heads up.

    Parts, sites, tools will be really helpful.

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    Default Inspection II

    is more than just an oil change.

    It's a real going over of all the hoses, belts, fluids & filters etc.

    get a repair manual that details what is required in a Inspection II for an e39 and be prepared to get your hands dirty.

    Vee ave vays of dealing vid your kind...........

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    Oil Change is recommended at least every 60k miles. Oh, wait, that's the factory service interval on new BMWs, sorry - forget it.

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