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Thread: Clear Corners !

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    Default Clear Corners !

    Planning on putting clear corners on my 95 540i, will the bulbs in there work with the clear or is there another type of bulb that I need to use.

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    Same bulbs, although legally, you need the light to blink amber. And the ones in there are clear. Any auto store will carry the equivalent bulb in amber.

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    If you don't want the orange bulb to be visible through the corner lenses when it's not blinking, you can spray a bit of high-temp silver paint (also known as "barbeque paint") on the bulb. It's not necessary to coat the whole bulb completely silver, just dust a bit on. Most people do this to avoid the "egg yolk" effect, but other people like that look anyway.

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    Don't use the socket/bulb that come with them, just use the clear corner, and use your stock socket. I'd leave the stock bulb in, it flashes yellowish, but an orange bulb looks bleh.

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